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Please read the following to guide you as you access the Website (in the remainder of this information “the Website”):

The Website owner is A-SAFE HQ LTD, postal address: Habergham Works, Ainley Industrial Estate, Elland, HX5 9JP, UK. A-SAFE HQ LTD is incorporated in England and Wales, Company number 5407505.

By accessing and viewing this Website any individual user (hereinafter, the “User“) is regarded as having accepted the terms and conditions in this Legal Notice in the form published on the Website at the time of access.

The Website is provided to promote the business of A-SAFE HQ LTD and to enable businesses and consumers to enter into transactions with A-SAFE HQ LTD. The Website is, accordingly, designed and intended for use by Users of 18 years of age or older.

The User must carefully read this Legal Notice on each of the occasions in which he intends to use the Website in order to understand the terms and conditions under which access is provided and for the purchase of products through the Website.

Some Website services accessible to Internet users may be subject to specific conditions, regulations and instructions that, where appropriate, replace, supplement and / or modify this Legal Notice and that must be reviewed and accepted (in some cases confirmed by a requirement to tick a box confirming agreement or acceptance) by the User before continuing with the access arrangements provided.

The information contained and accessible through this Website is provided by A-SAFE HQ LTD in order to provide general guidelines, product information, details of promotions and special offers and other information likely to be of general interest to the User (“Website Content”).


The User undertakes to use the Website Content in a lawful manner and in accordance with the Law and this Legal Notice, as well as with the other conditions, regulations and instructions that may be applicable. By way of example, the User, in accordance with current legislation, must refrain from an action involving the following:

a. reproduction, sale, copying, distributing, making available, publicly communicating, transforming or modifying the Website Content except, in cases authorized by law or expressly consented to by A-SAFE HQ LTD, or by whoever holds the ownership of the exploitation rights where appropriate;

b. reproduction or copying for private use any part of the Website Content that may be considered as software or a database in accordance with current legislation on intellectual property rights, as well as its public communication or making available to third parties when these acts necessarily imply reproduction by the User or a third party;

c. extracting and / or reusing, selling or renting, all or substantial part of the Website Content, as well as the databases that A-SAFE HQ LTD makes available to Users;

d. introducing or disseminating content or propaganda of a racist, xenophobic nature, advocating terrorism or violating human rights; and e. introducing or disseminating into the network upon which this Website is hosted viruses and harmful software likely to cause damage to computer systems or any part of the web.

A-SAFE HQ LTD reserves the right to modify, suspend, remove or restrict the content of the Website, the links or the information obtained through it, without prior notice. These modifications will be, for example, to improve the page, the quality of it or optimizing the services offered to the User.

It is forbidden to transmit or send through the Website any illegal or illicit content, computer viruses, or messages that, in general, affect or violate the rights of A-SAFE HQ LTD or third parties.


The User warrants to A-SAFE HQ LTD with respect to any information sent to A-SAFE HQ LTD through any of the channels provided for this purpose (including instant messaging services, telephone calls, email, or others that may be made available to the User for such purposes), that it is accurate and that it holds the rights required for in respect of materials transmitted also warranting that the materials submitted do not infringe any right of third parties. The User assumes responsibility and will hold A-SAFE HQ LTD harmless with respect to any communication sent, personally or in his name, accepting responsibility without any restriction for the accuracy, legality, originality and ownership of it.


A-SAFE HQ LTD in compliance applicable laws publishes through its Website confirmation of its business name (tax data, registration, address and address of communications) together with a privacy notice in respect of its processing of personal data.

A-SAFE HQ LTD fully respects the requirements of consumer law and offers all Users who are consumers and who purchase products through the Website both the pre-contractual information (see these Terms and Conditions of Business as well as additional information in the different sections of the Website where your attention is drawn to it and details of other legally required information.)

If we find ourselves in dispute with you, we will be happy to have the matter dealt with through alternative dispute resolution arrangements that we agree between us.

A-SAFE HQ LTD will try, with all the means at its disposal, to guarantee the security of the information provided by Users. However, as is commonly known, security in the Internet environment cannot be guaranteed in its entirety, at any time.

Failure to comply with these general conditions, or the use of this Website in terms contrary to those established and which cause loss or expense (including loss of availability of the Website), may result in claims made by A-SAFE HQ LTD advanced against the User who is in breach of these terms of use.


5.1. Links to third-party web content

In accessing this Website, the User may be provided with the opportunity through dedicated links facilitating access to other pages and Internet websites not within the ownership or control of A-SAFE HQ LTD. In these cases, A-SAFE HQ LTD accepts no responsibility (other when required in order that a consumer’s rights are upheld) for the accuracy of information accessed of these sites or their content.

Any use of a link or access to a third-party website is carried out at the risk of the User, without A-SAFE HQ LTD being responsible for any consequential issues that arise subject to the above proviso in respect of consumer rights.

In the event that A-SAFE HQ LTD has drawn to its attention or otherwise becomes aware that the activity or information to which these links refer is illegal, constitutes a crime or that it may damage the property or rights of a third party, it will act with the necessary diligence to delete or disable the corresponding link as soon as possible. Likewise, if the User has effective knowledge of the illegality of activities carried out through these third-party websites, the User should immediately notify A-SAFE HQ LTD in order to enable A-SAFE HQ LTD to take any necessary action.

5.2. Links to contents of the Website from third-party websites

It is strictly forbidden to establish links to the Website from web pages that contain materials, information or content that are illicit, illegal, and in general, that contravene morality, facilitate money laundering, are calculated to or may have an effect upon public order, any other legislative provision or generally accepted social norms. The reproduction on third-party pages of the contents of this Website (including by framing any page or part of a page), its inclusion as part of its website or within any of its windows or links, will require the express authorization of A-SAFE HQ LTD.