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High performing safety footwear and workwear. Uncompromising quality and style


Founded in 1904 and headquartered in Peoria, Illinois, CAT is the leading manufacturer of natural gas and diesel equipment for mining and construction industries. A global 21st-century brand that began with two Californian farmers. Both inventors, entrepreneurs and, at first, in serious competition with each other.

After dominating with their industrial machinery, CAT made the leap to providing workwear and safety footwear.

The CAT brand knows that sweat, dirt and extreme environments will always be part of the working world and that is why they value unique safety clothing and footwear that has been designed for the task at hand. Their products offer exceptional performance, versatility and comfort. Things that make a difference throughout the working day.

Their entire selection of workwear and safety footwear is inspired by the brands long and relentless history and determination to create clothing that is perfect for both working and leisure time alike.


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