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Advanced protection for industrial workplaces

Raising the bar in industrial safety globally

Developed using science, engineering and technology to create the most advanced and exhaustively tested industry safety solutions on the market. Protecting people, facilities and assets in numerous industries worldwide.

With A-SAFE you will discover unique technology that’s tested and certified to perform and built to last, making it easy to understand why they are the international leaders in industrial safety.

A-SAFE | Safeguru

Standards and compliance

A-SAFE testing, standards and compliance are independently verified and certified.

A-SAFE products are designed, tested and rated for repeat impacts from a specific weight and speed of vehicle.

Tests are successful if they withstand the impact and recover fully, they are not graded on failure.

Standardised testing and verification

PAS 13 (the only globally recognised code of practice for safety barriers).

TÜV NORD certification, a world leading independent testing body.

Industry specific standards, such as for warehousing and car parks.

Industrial safety solutions for any workplace

iFlex Safety Bollards

A-SAFE | Safeguru
A-SAFE | Safeguru
A-SAFE | Safeguru

190 x 835mm

Facility wide use. Protects corners, doors and equipment from impacts.

190 x 1200mm

Moderate level protection for facilities, equipment and impact hotspots.

210 x 1200mm

High resistance protection against impacts from very heavy vehicles.

Quick and easy installation

A-SAFE flexible bollards do not require any special machinery to assemble or correctly use them.

Maintenance free

Made of polymer that’s flexible, chemical resistant, non-corrosive, non-porous and does not release or contain hazardous substances (ideal for use in the food sector).

Can be easily cleaned with standard cleaning products. Does not require painting or repairs.

Floor and surface protection

A-SAFE safety bollards are designed to flex and fully recover from repeat impacts and absorb energy without transferring damaging forces to the floor.

Protects vehicles and machinery

Damage to machinery and equipment is considerably minimised, which provides a better return on investment by reducing the constant need for costly maintenance, repairs or replacement.

High visibility height signalling

Alarm Bar

A-SAFE | Safeguru

Audible and visual alarm before the impact occurs to be able to react in time.

Easy and quick installation on the roof or solid structure at height.

Intelligent sensor that differentiates between natural vibrations and wind currents to avoid possible false alarms.

Flexible and versatile rack protection


A-SAFE | Safeguru

Protects shelving, rack legs and uprights from frontal and side impacts by vehicles in the workplace. Designed to dissipate impact energy around the rack leg instead of through it.

V-design and 10-point structure dissipates impact force and ensures a secure friction grip.

Available in different sizes to suit all kinds of structures. Specially developed RackGuard Applicators are recommended for correct and easy installation.

Highest protection for columns and pillars


Modular and stackable design protects the column from all sides and can be configured to any height.

Dissipates impact force and absorbs most of the energy to reduce damage. Available from 150 x 150 to 400 x 400 mm.

Tight fit for maximum optimisation of available space. Column base and fixings are encased and protected.

A-SAFE | Safeguru

Discover more industrial safety solutions from A-SAFE

A-SAFE | Safeguru
A-SAFE | Safeguru
A-SAFE | Safeguru

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