Compact Respirator Mask FFABEK1 P3 R D Moldex

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Compact Respirator Mask FFABEK1 P3 R D Moldex

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Ready-to-use Moldex 543001 half-mask respirator with integrated filters that protect against particulates, acid and ammonia gases, and organic and inorganic gases and vapours. Provides an excellent field of vision and features an anatomically designed face seal.


An extremely lightweight compact mask that is completely maintenance-free and easy to use. This respiratory protection conforms to EN 405:2001+A1:2009 and offers FFABEK1 P3 R D protection against:

· Organic and inorganic gases and vapours.
· Acid gases, ammonia and amine derivatives.
· Particles, including harmful and carcinogenic dusts, water and oil-based mist/aerosols, biological agents of risk groups 2 and 3 and CMR substances.

Features a very compact design that doesn't restrict vision and can be worn with other types of PPE. The mask has an optimal centre of gravity with an anatomical, Flexfit design that guarantees comfort and a secure fit for all different face shapes and sizes.

Made of a hypoallergenic, thermoplastic material that is 100% PVC free.


  • One Size

  • TPE, Polypropylene, Lycra, and Silicone Rubber

  • Grey/Blue

  • Reusable Respirator Masks