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Safety Overshoe with Toe Cap OSHATOES

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Steel toe cap safety shoe covers with a natural rubber strap that stays in place. Designed with a slip resistant and flexible sole.

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OSHATOES safety overshoes are an affordable alternative to steel-toe safety boots and shoes. They have a non-slip and flexible sole and are easily fitted to any type of footwear thanks to their natural rubber strap.

This unisex foot protection is low-maintenance, requires little storage space and the sizes are colour-coded for quick selection:

Size S (4-7): White
Size M (8-10): Yellow
Size L (11-14): Red
(UK sizes)

Sold in pairs. Quick and easy to use PPE, ideal for visitors, temporary staff, management, salesmen, etc..


  • Size

    L, M, and S

  • Color

    Red, White, and Yellow

  • Material

    Natural Rubber

  • Season


  • Toe Cap


  • Toe Cap Material


  • Footwear Type

    Safety Overshoe

  • Slip Resistance



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